Plas Brondanw was built by Clough Williams-Ellis’s ancestor John ap Hywel around 1550. Clough was given the house by his father in 1908, at the age of 25.

“It was for Brondanw’s sake that I worked and stinted,” he wrote,

“For its sake that I chiefly hoped to prosper. A cheque of ten pounds would come in and I would order yew hedging to that extent, a cheque for twenty and I would pave a further piece of terrace.”

In 1971 he said “It is warming indeed to see the avenues that I then planted growing so flourishingly and the whole place maturing in ever increasing beauty.”

Although less well known than his village and gardens at Portmeirion, the gardens of Brondanw are nevertheless considered by many to be Clough Williams-Ellis’s most important creation.

All proceeds and donations go directly towards the cost of maintaining the garden. Click the thumbnails below to view the gallery images.

“Plas Brondanw is a garden which, if it were less remotely sited, would be far more celebrated than it is.” Sir Roy Strong, Sunday Telegraph Magazine