The gallery, Oriel Brondanw, is run by the Ymddiriedolaeth Susan Williams-Ellis Foundation. This is not the same foundation that runs the Gardens and café. If you wish to find out more information regarding the Oriel please contact 01766 770590.

Oriel Brondanw is a gallery and cultural centre established in late 2016 at the Plas Brondanw house. The Oriel will host exhibitions, residencies and workshops by new and recognised artists as well as literary, music and other art orientated events.

Susan Williams-Ellis (1918–2007) is probably best known as the instigator of Portmeirion Pottery, and Plas Brondanw is Susan’s ancestral home. She was the eldest daughter of Clough and Amabel Williams-Ellis.

Alongside the visiting exhibitions, there is a permanent representative display of non-ceramic art by Susan Williams-Ellis. The size and content of that presentation will vary according to what else is exhibited at the same time in the unique and intimate artistic space that is Oriel Brondanw.

At present Oriel Brondanw holds very little Portmeirion Pottery, but space has been set aside for a future permanent exhibition of Susan’s iconic designs which we are acquiring.

Entrance to Oriel Brondanw is free but please note that there is no entry to the Gardens via the Oriel.

Oriel Brondanw is open 10.30 – 15.45, Wednesday to Sunday, April to October.

To find out more click the link below.

Oriel Brondanw Gallery